The purpose of the graduate programs at Barwon Health is to provide a professional development program for Graduate Nurses and Graduate Midwives that supports and fosters professional independence for the beginning practitioner. 


The program is based upon a model of skill and professional development that enables the graduate to move along a continuum toward independent practice.


The role of the support staff is to guide clinical learning and skill acquisition, and to promote reflective practice in the clinical setting. 

The Nursing and Midwifery Graduate Program encourages research to improve patient care.  Some research papers are available for download via the Online Research Repository (ORR) to those affiliated with the unit. 

In 2017, Barwon Health offered the following programs to nursing and midwifery graduates: Graduate Nurse Program, Graduate Nurse / Midwife Program (combined program for double degree graduates only), Graduate Midwife Program. 


In 2018 we hope to offer a specialised aged care graduate nurse program. Graduates at Barwon Health are employed to work part-time for 12 months, with opportunities for further employment upon the conclusion of the graduate program. All graduates attend a five-day orientation program at the beginning of the graduate program. 

Both nursing and midwifery graduates are supported by a dedicated graduate team.  The team consists of the Graduate Nurse Program Coordinator, Clinical Support Nurses and a Clinical Support Midwife.


Graduates working across all sites and areas are supported by the graduate team. The graduate team is available to assist graduates in areas such as medication rounds, time management and prioritisation, performing clinical procedures, assisting with accessing resources or just for a general chat and reassurance.


The graduate team can be contacted easily and are always happy to help graduates when needed.

Through expanding our commitment and capacity for clinical service research and teaching, we aim to attract and retain the best quality staff, as we continue to be one of Victoria’s leading providers of direct healthcare and training to the healthcare sector.

Working at Barwon Health means you will be part of a team providing high quality healthcare services to our communities, with a wide range of opportunities in diverse areas.